Anonymous asked:
What's the inspiration for your drawing technique, if any?

Laura Venables. 

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Horse, for Niclas
birthday card for Áine
Anonymous asked:
Hi Ciaran, do you give courses in illustration ?

Hello. Eh, no. I don’t. I really don’t know anywhere near enough about illustration to teach it in any useful way. I did some work in picture-book illustration before but it was incredibly frustrating, for reasons I won’t go in to. Actually, I’ve lately been thinking about trying again to make a fresh start.
But, really, I’m a complete novice and in no position to teach. The most helpful lesson I could give you, privately, is suggesting what illustration agencies you should avoid. 

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elliemwilkinson asked:
What type of paint do you prefer to use? :-) I absolutely love your work by the way!

Thank you. I usually don’t answer the “what kind of [blank] do you use?” questions but I have to make an exception here because I absolutely love the paints I use but they’re pretty expensive and difficult to get (for me), and I want more people to start using them because I’m terrified the company might go out of business and I won’t be able to get any more. So, I use Cartoon Color cel vinyl paints. They’re the paints animation studios used to use for painting animation cels and then people like Maurice Nobel started using them to paint backgrounds. They’re like a liquid acrylic but you can dilute them as much as you want and use them like watercolours. They have excellent opacity when used without water too and, unlike watercolour and gouache, they dry permanent so you can just keep adding layers. BUY SOME.

Commissioned painting.
(I don’t do commissions. It was a special occasion)