doingthingsinthedesert asked:
If there's something in your print shop that doesn't show up on the shop where you sell your originals, does that mean the original has already sold? Also do you do commissions?

Prints/Originals: The answer is probably yes, but it might just be that there wasn’t enough room in my shop (only 25 at a time). So, if there’s an original that you’re interested in, let me know and I’ll tell whether it’s sold or not.
Commisions: Nope. Sorry. I’m just too scared that I’ll fuck it up and that the buyer won’t feel like they got their monies worth.

I’ve sold a few prints now from my INPRNT shop, but I’ve only heard from one person who’s bought a print. I don’t actually know who the others are so I just want to say THANKS and that I’d love to hear from anybody who’s bought a print of mine.

men in dire need of help


Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.

[TRIGGER WARNING for extreme misogyny, gendered slurs, sexual harassment, sexual violence, victim blaming, graphic rape and death threats]

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Anonymous asked:
What's the inspiration for your drawing technique, if any?

Laura Venables. 

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Horse, for Niclas
birthday card for Áine
Anonymous asked:
Hi Ciaran, do you give courses in illustration ?

Hello. Eh, no. I don’t. I really don’t know anywhere near enough about illustration to teach it in any useful way. I did some work in picture-book illustration before but it was incredibly frustrating, for reasons I won’t go in to. Actually, I’ve lately been thinking about trying again to make a fresh start.
But, really, I’m a complete novice and in no position to teach. The most helpful lesson I could give you, privately, is suggesting what illustration agencies you should avoid. 

Inprnt have free international shipping all weekend! My shop is HERE
Also, if you’re so inclined, I have a shop for selling original paintings HERE.